Darcy Kamua | November 15, 2018

It’s taken me a few days, OK, actually a week to process my experience before I could begin to summarize my experience as an “Early Response Team” (ERT) member. 

I was trained in ERT, at COAH… Read More

My Vision For Refugees

Sam Johnson, My Vision For Refugees | October 10, 2018

We wish to send you an update on recent progress with the work of My Vision for Refugees.

Please thank your congregation for the generous Christmas Miracle gift from City On A Hill. It was a blessing… Read More

Nicaragua Update

Anna and Todd Mixon, Nicaragua  Mission Team Leaders | September 19, 2018

Normally this time of year we would be writing you from Leon Nicaragua to report all the wonderful things God was doing on our annual Nicaragua Mission Trip. You see, over the past 6 years, CITY ON A HILL has been going on an International Mission trip to Nicaragua. During these past 6 years, we have ministered…

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Going the Extra Mile

Andy Rogers, Lead Pastor | September 2018

Ever regret asking “How do you know?”    It was late in the afternoon not too long ago when I received a text from my wife asking if I could find a plumber. Thinking I had been successful in fixing clogs in the past, I asked “How do you know we need a plumber?”  Her text back was “Because spaghetti and tomato shards are all over the basement floor.”  My heart sank,…

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