Welcome to CITY ON A HILL!

I am so grateful you are checking us out via the web. You’ll find out a lot about us by scanning through the brief pages of this site. I also encourage you to visit us on Facebook and Twitter. CITY ON A HILL United Methodist Church (COAH) was started in 2006 with a group of 35 adults. Today we seem to be growing almost every weekend with about 500 men, women and children calling us their church home. We are a church that prides itself on offering an unconditional welcome, experiential and thoughtful worship, local missions that touch the heart, and other expressions of faith that are genuine. We are outwardly focused on helping and serving others, and inwardly, we are committed to discipleship in Christ not just decisions for Christ. It is my sincere hope that your exploration of our website grows into a visit during one of our three-weekend worship experiences or even to one of our local “special forces” mission events. Certainly as our name suggests (which comes from something Jesus said when describing his followers – Matthew 5:13-16), we want to make a difference anyone can see: We are committed to feeding the hungry; befriending the lonely; visiting those sick and in prison; caring for the poor and down-and-out, and inviting those who feel lost a way home in Jesus. Do you have questions or doubts about faith or organized religion? You are welcome here! Never been involved in a church before, or at least as an adult? You are welcome here! Are you interested in wanting to see what following Jesus looks like in real ways with real people? You are welcome here! Ready to get serious about faith, really learn about Jesus and contribute to making a difference yourself? You are welcome and will fit in great here! We are CITY ON A HILL.